Cloud Computing

Understanding the Value and Application of Cloud Computing

The cornerstones of building and supporting a professional accounting, bookkeeping or financial services firm are the tools and resources that assist the professional in building their practice clientele.  In today’s market, that means understanding the value and application of cloud computing models and services.

While accounting professionals may be widely recognized as solution providers, rarely are they seen as successful business development entities. Particularly as it pertains to building an online business and cloud-enabled practice, professionals often need help with exposing their services to new markets, communicating the value and benefits of their service offerings, and (the ultimate goal) achieving new client engagements.

It has been proven that a consistent and targeted communications strategy can help you deliver services and support aimed at improving client retention and claiming higher level services from existing clients. We help professionals develop informative and useful newsletter and blog content oriented towards cloud computing and using technology to do more in the business, which creates the basis for the professional to leverage these technologies and services to enable the client business for growth and innovation in the coming years.  Through the use of remote and mobile technologies and cloud services, professionals and their clients are able to work closer together to develop the information, analysis, and real-time business insight business owners and enterprise managers demand.

Information management paradigms are changing, and professionals who can help their clients to achieve maximum performance and profitability through increased efficiency and innovation will find that the practice evolves into a more effective and agile organization, and the quality of their client engagements is taken to an entirely new level.

For accounting professionals and others involved in helping small businesses, we can deliver news, topical information, and details on services and models which can benefit the professional practice.  Information from industry experts, experienced practice professionals and process innovators can be delivered electronically, giving readers the freedom and flexibility to investigate and learn on their own schedule.

Not participating in a cloud technology model is making a decision to not participate in today’s technology-enabled flow of business opportunity.  Ensure your continued relevance and value, and communicate to your clients and peers that your firm is prepared to meet the demands of an intelligent and informed clientele and market.