Servicing Fundamentals: Are Vertical Software Products Becoming Obsolete? | #CooperMann Consulting Group

As mobility and the Internet continue to drive changes in how people interact with technology and each other, businesses are finding that the compelling arguments presented by many cloud service providers are tough to ignore.

Anytime/anywhere/anymode access to business applications and data, focusing on core business issues and outsourcing non-core processes, streamlining and connecting processes to create efficiency and predictability in operations – these are the benefits which “connected” and cloud technology models are delivering. Cost efficiencies in supporting business operations are also being experienced, as the outsource IT solution often provides fault tolerance, scalability and performance at cost and service levels difficult to achieve with in-house systems and personnel. The scale economies of the cloud cannot be argued with, and it is this cost-efficient and effective provisioning of fundamental business services to users that is increasingly pressuring vertical software makers to either address the market with more fundamentally useful tools incorporated into their products or risk losing users to generalized and commonly used solutions.


via Servicing Fundamentals: Are Vertical Software Products Becoming Obsolete? | Cooper Mann Consulting Group.