Marketing and Sales Needs System and Process Automation

Running a business means finding and keeping customers who will buy from you. This isn’t necessarily easy, particularly with the number and variety of “impressions” people get throughout their day. It used to be that simply locating a business in the right place would generate drive-by traffic, with location being the key to generating impressions and causing people to actually stop and shop. Impressions – yes, those brief instances where your brand or service is viewed – count.

The entire lifecycle of the customer relationship starts with the first impression, so it needs to be a good one. Marketing impressions expose your business and products to prospective customers, with efforts oriented towards the generation of sales leads. A lead is a business or individual that may ultimately develop into a sales or business opportunity. Rather than attempting to engage with businesses or individuals one at a time, businesses use marketing to target large groups in hopes of earning the permission to engage group members in more focused or individualized sales activities. When the business earns the ability to communicate directly with a prospective buyer, a sales lead is generated, and the business now has a prospective customer and the potential to make a sale.