How to Get Multiple IT Outsourcing Providers to Play Nice –

“.. multisourcing — parceling out the IT services portfolio among a number of vendors–has its benefits: competitive pricing, increased flexibility and access to a deeper pool of talent, among others. But working with multiple providers creates multiple challenges, not the least of which is trying to get all of those competing vendors to play nice.

In fact, almost everything in the typical outsourcing transaction, transition and operation is conspiring against them getting along.

For one thing, they may be no incentive for the providers to work together. Multisourcing has entered the mainstream, but outsourcing contracts and negotiations haven’t kept pace with the trend.”

Collaboration Is Not in the Contract

via How to Get Multiple IT Outsourcing Providers to Play Nice –

There have always been challenges supporting products from multiple vendors… this is the part system integration has traditionally played.  When it comes to “virtualized” solutions, where there are a bunch of moving parts making up a single subscription service, it gets even more difficult to resolve issues (or to even identify them).  There’s often finger-pointing and a lot of posturing, and in the end it is the customer that suffers.