Intuit Authorized Commercial Host for QuickBooks Offers Flexibility in Business Model | Clarifications on Revenue and Usage Commitments | via Cooper Mann

Under the QBACH program providers may pay revenues to Intuit for a variety of items including hosted user fees, rental licensing subscriptions and the cost of licenses purchased for customers.  All of these items qualify as revenue items to Intuit under the program, and the hosting fees and rental licenses are generally ongoing (meaning that they count as long as they are in service).  Because each of the items addresses a different element in the hosting business model, there is a great deal of flexibility in how service providers might meet their quarterly commitments.

As an example, a service provider might host QuickBooks Enterprise Edition, and provides rental licensing of QBES to the customer (a capability just introduced through QBACH).  Because the entire cost of the rental license is reported as revenue to Intuit, this service provider could meet their entire quarterly revenue commitment by hosting only 40 users for the reporting period.

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