Taking Your Firm and Clients to the Cloud: Hosting Provider Popularity Demonstrates that the Desktop IS NOT Dead

Cloud server based hosting of applications which have historically run on desktop or laptop Windows computers is a hot trend with accounting professionals.

via Taking Your Firm and Clients to the Cloud: 2013 Reviews of Hosting Providers.

How do these professionals access that “cloud server” with hosted applications?  Via a Remote Desktop, of course!

While many technologists would have us believe that the traditional desktop is dead, the reality is that the traditional part of it is all that may be dying… the desktop and what it offers and represents isn’t dead at all.  In fact, it’s very much alive and well and continuing to do what it was intended to do, perhaps a bit better, due largely to advancements in desktop and application virtualization and other discoveries.

This is why application hosting providers are having such great success; businesses want the benefits of cloud service, but they also want the applications and functionality their businesses have become dependent upon and are familiar with.

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