Let’s Go Fly a Kite: QuickBooks in the Cloud

Let’s Go Fly a Kite: QuickBooks in the Cloud

“Moving to the cloud.” That is a phrase that is being heard more and more in today’s market, driven by technology and the desire to make life easier. As far as the world of accounting and business professionals is concerned, that means QuickBooks. QuickBooks is the cornerstone of most small business accounting departments today.

QuickBooks in the cloud has been on the market for years, but only recently has it started to become expected. Whether that’s for an accounting firm or a small business’ bookkeeper, the same expectation applies. If it’s not in the cloud, it’s outdated and inconvenient. Think about it, being in the cloud opens the door for all kinds of opportunity. For an accounting practice, it means no more time spent driving to each client’s location. Which saves time, and in turn saves money. That’s not the only advantage to going “cloud.” Especially if you live in an area that is prone to icy, snowy weather. With hosted QuickBooks you and your employees can work from home when the weather is too bad to brave the roads. There isn’t any need to lose that time anymore.

Along with QuickBooks, most of the QuickBooks integrations have moved to a cloud-based model. Why not? The internet was invented to make life easier, not more difficult. True, it doesn’t always seem that way but it has allowed us to make leaps and bounds in communications and business. Considering how different businesses are today compared to just a few decades ago, it’s staggering to think that this fairly new technology has become so commonplace. It really wasn’t all that long ago when accounting was done with a 10-key, a pencil and a ledger. Leaps and bounds seems like an understatement to me. Moving to a virtualized version of a software you use everyday is just the next step in the evolution of business. It makes sense. Technology is what we use to make our lives less tedious, less monotonous.

Having massive online data stores and communication networks isn’t something that is just for science fiction movies anymore. It’s part of everyday life. Our children are growing up in an age where technology is the daily norm, not an expensive luxury or a distant dream. It’s here, and it’s where the world has decided business is going. Global commerce is the new age, the next step. Cloud computing is what allows that to be a reality. Cloud computing, web-based integration, and other online solutions all play their part in bringing businesses together. Not just in your city, but throughout the country and the world.

Getting your company on the cloud is getting easier everyday. Cloud host companies, like Cloud9 Real Time, make moving to the cloud a simple and straightforward process.

Joanie Mann will be presenting a session on application hosting, including QuickBooks hosting, at the 2012 Accounting Solutions Conference, presented by the Sleeter Group and being held this year in Anaheim, California on October 22-24, 2012.  Get ASC 2012 conference session information here

In case you didn’t know it, both Intuit and Sage have programs for service providers, providing authorization to host and deliver small business financial software products to direct customers.

Get information on Intuit’s Authorized Commercial Hosts for QuickBooks here, Get information on Sage hosting partners here.

If you need assistance deciding how to get your applications and business online, or selecting and implementing with a service provider, we can help.

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